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Thinking about a New Air Conditioning System for Your Gold Coast Home? Understand the Differences Between Ducted, Split System and Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Perhaps you recently bought a new house in the Gold Coast area that didn’t have an air conditioning system, or maybe your home’s old system is broken or insufficient to cool the house. Either way, if it’s time for a new air conditioning installation, then J H Airconditioning can help. We have been installing aircon systems in homes and commercial businesses for ten years. Whether you want a ducted air conditioning system or an installation for split system air conditioning in Gold Coast, we can help.

Choosing the Right Air Conditioning System

One of the questions we often hear from new customers is ‘Which air conditioning system is right for me?’ Our clients know enough to know that they don’t want to weather a hot summer without an aircon system in their home, but they often aren’t familiar with the differences between different types of systems.

At J H Airconditioning, we can install a variety of air conditioners—including ducted air conditioning, split system air conditioning and reverse cycle air conditioning—in the Gold Coast area. If you aren’t sure which system is right for you (or even what these terms mean), you can read on to find out more.

  • Ducted Air Conditioning: Ducted air conditioning systems use ductwork to deliver cool air throughout your entire house. The compressor and other vital components are in the ceiling, the basement, or outdoors, which means the system is quiet. The ductwork takes up more space than other types of systems and means that ducted air conditioning is the most expensive option. However, getting ducted air conditioning for your Gold House home also ensures more of a full-house solution than other options.
  • Split System: A split system air conditioner is a system that exists in two parts. There is an outdoor unit (which contains the system’s compressor, condenser coil and expansion coil) and an indoor unit (which contains a cooling coil, an air filter and a blower to propel cool air into your home). These components connect with wires and tubing rather than ductwork, which conserves space and spaces money. Split systems are also relatively quiet as aircon units go since the loudest part of the system—the compressor—is located outdoors.
  • Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning: A reverse cycle air conditioning unit is essentially a system with a refrigeration cycle that you can reverse at the flick of a switch. In ‘cooling’ mode, the system delivers cold air. In the ‘heating’ mode, the system warms up your house. This kind of system is extremely energy efficient and is popular because it solves two problems with one piece of equipment.

Schedule an Appointment to Install Your New Ducted Air, Split System or Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning in Gold Coast

At J H Airconditioning, we offer all three of these options in the Gold Coast area. Let us know which option is best for you or reach out for recommendations from one of our representatives. Whether you choose reverse cycle, split system or ducted air conditioning in Gold Coast, we look forward to installing it for you.