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Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repairs, Maintenance or Service, and Who to Call for Your Aircon Needs in Gold Coast

Losing your air conditioning in the peak of summertime is something that no one wants to experience. Suddenly, your home feels more like a sauna than a controlled residential environment. Simple tasks including cooking dinner become unbearable—to say nothing of how hard it is to sleep in a overly warm house. Usually, though, air conditioning breakdowns aren’t just bad luck. Your system will likely give you plenty of warning before failure. By knowing when to call for air conditioning maintenance in Gold Coast, you can avoid the hassle and discomfort of a total breakdown.

Warning Signs: What to Look for in a Failing Aircon System

So how can you know when it’s time to call for aircon service in Gold Coast? Here are a few signs that your system is probably in need of repairs:

  • The air doesn’t seem as cold as it should be: Just because your air conditioning system kicks on doesn’t mean it’s doing its job. If the air coming out of your home’s vents doesn’t seem particularly cool—or if the temperature on the thermostat reads a degree or two higher than what you have it set at—you should call someone for a service. There’s a possibility that your system’s compressor is failing.
  • Your system is making alarming noises: An aircon unit in distress won’t go quietly. Most times, a breakdown is preceded by a series of alarming noises—from squeals to grinding sounds. All air conditioning systems make a certain amount of noise, but irregular sounds that you haven’t heard before should be a red flag. There is probably an internal issue at play. Call for air conditioning service in Gold Coast to find out exactly what’s going wrong.
  • The air in your home smells bad: Cool air coming out of your vents should normally smell like nothing. If the air quality in your home declines and you start noticing strange and unpleasant odours in the air coming out of your vents, call for service ASAP. The source of the bad smell could be anything from burnt wires in the unit itself to mould in your ductwork. Either way, you want to resolve the issue right away for the good of your family’s health.
  • The temperatures in your home are inconsistent: This one depends on the system, since certain types of air conditioning units are more well-equipped to cool the whole house than others. If you have a whole-house system and are still getting inconsistent temperature or air flow from one room to the next, though, you should ring for air conditioning repairs in Gold Coast. The problem could be with your thermostat, but it could also indicate a failing compressor, problems with your ductwork and more.

Call for Air Conditioning Repairs in Gold Coast Today

At JH Airconditioning, we are proud to provide air con repairs in Gold Coast. If you think your system is on the verge of a breakdown—or if it has already ceased operation—give us a call. We’ll be there ASAP to get your unit up and running once more.